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Flashing exterior and interior car´s lights. Fix anyone?

  • Hey, my name is Kaosith, and I´m very noob at modding. I have a bug (i don´t know how to call it) with the interior and exterior lights. I have the Natural Vision Remastered mod with some lights mod (like brighter emergency lights and corona remover for cars), does it affects to the lights of other cars? With some cars you can get blind with speedometer (i have a rx7 fast and furious 3 car addon and you can´t see the speedometer, is completely white), any fix to this? I don´t know what to do...

    In these links, there are some screenshots that I made where you can see what I mean:

    Thanks for the help either, hope someone can help me. I dont want to uninstall NVR because i like the realism of lights and environment


    Brighter emergency lights edits visual settings.dat, and the lines it edits are also linked to speedometers, taxi signs etc etc. So really you have to choose between brighter emergency lights of being able to see the speedometer

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