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Safe Way To Play GTA Online

  • Hi,

    I've started playing GTA online but I loved having fun with mods in story mode. So I'm looking for a safe way to play GTA online without any mods and story mode with mods. I'm not gonna play online with any modified files which also means I can't have fun with mods in singleplayer. I know that a lot of mods are automatically deactivated in online mode but they're still in the game. Well, I don't wanna risk getting banned because the mods are technically still in the game files, even though I wouldn't ever use any of them. Always adding and removing mods is way too much effort. Is there any safe way to have two installations of GTA V on your PC (one with clean files for multiplayer and one for having fun with mods in singleplayer)?


    Have you tried our Search function
    yet? I suggest 'play online' as a string.


    @ikt said in excuse my ignorance, how to play with mods in gta 5 SP and still be able to play gta online without triggering any anti-cheat systems or getting banned?:

    You can disable mods by disabling the asi loader: dinput8.dll.

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