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[SCRIPT] Build Super Heroes Missions

  • Hi guys , I know there is alot of super hero fan here so
    I think we should have a mission maker that could make mission hard enought and cool enought for heroes !

    All the option of build a mission but you could Put addon peds / vehicules into a mission
    Give them alot of life and body armor , weapons , speed and stuff like that
    You could make all the stories you want

    And the perfection would be to have people like JulioNIB Team ,JDeezNutz & stillhere involved
    would not be that hard to put checkpoints in the mission that activate an other script to spawn ally or enemy
    you could use them as big boss fight and backup team up

    ( ho nooo hydra army with laser guns and jets ! dont be scared iron man is here )
    with that tool you could build a super hero game out of this gta open map thing.

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