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Never used mods before

  • I am looking to start using mods for online and offline gta5 on ps3 . I have no idea where to start and would like help installing a menu and some basic other mods. Of anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it

  • Well, you'll not be able to use ANY of the mods on here on PS3, since the stuff on this site is for PC version.

    As for adding mods (destined for PS3 console edition sourced elsewhere), officially you'll need a jailbroken console to be able to install menus and other types of mods/modded content without resorting to pre-modded system backups as you would need to source for OFW (non-jailbroken) consoles.

    D3ADITZZ maintains a site with a premodded OFW system backup covering GTA V - which is ok and effective (i still use it for my account modding before CTing the accounts to PC/XB1), but for actual PS3 gaming use - GTA V running on an modded OFW System Backup (which installs modded GTA V system files during system restore that the subsequent GTA V install doesn't overwrite) means that whilst you are using that modded-state GTA V install, you'll only see/be able to play with/against other modded-system users (others using OFW-modded installations) on GTA:O, in SP as per normal.

  • @Stormkilla92 @9h457l33j03k3rr I don't think you can discuss about console modding here.
    Also wrong category.

  • This site is for PC modding only

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