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need help! new to modding

  • Hello everyone i hope you're enjoying your labor day weekend! I just started pc gaming and have been waiting to get GTA 5 to mod it. So I just purchased it on steam the other day finally. I went to install mods from youtube tutorials such as menyoo, bmw i8 add on, and vanilla works. I'm pretty sure I followed the tutorials correctly but when I open gta to play in story mode nothing is working. My mod menu won't come up when I fit f8, and basically the game is still the exact same. I'm just wondering how I can fix this to play mods. Thank you!

  • @goldfish12 did you have OpenIV in edit mode ? it's first mistake what most of people did when start modding (including me :grin: )


    @goldfish12 have you got script hook etc?

  • @goldfish12 and one more starting failure - do you have ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI installed?

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