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A Reinforcements System

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    Hello, i would like to have a mod that spawns enemies like the vanilla police system, only it will spawn Gangs,Mercenaries, and a custom enemy type or something. Really, it would be a great mod.

    Here it would work out.

    when a gang ped spawns, there is a 20% chance when attacked he will call for reinforcements of its own kind. A Reinforcement bar will fill up and more enemies will chase you. Helicopters also will come after the player, like wanted levels the gangs will not run away, but if you get the cops after you, the reinforcements bar will turn blue and less gang peds will be after you and after that you be wanted by police.

    Reinforcements bar:

    A Car will spawn of some gang type.


    More enemies will arrive.


    Helicopters will come if the Gang Type is a private military and not a street gang!


    Armed units will arrive in armored cars. If it's a street gang, the police will be alerted.


    They will send everything at you, and if you beat them all, you get 10K money and 3 star wanted level to lose.

    Gang Types:

    Ballas (No heavy reinforcements, car only)

    Families (No heavy reinforcements, car only)

    Merryweather (Heavy reinforcements, helicopter support)

    Lost MC (No heavy reinforcements, will only come in bikes)

    The FIB (Heavy reinforcements, helicopter support)

    Gruppe 6 Security (No heavy reinforcements, car only)


    Street Gangs:

    Pistols, Micro SMG's

    Private Security (Gruppe 6):

    Pistols, Shotgun

    Private Security (Merryweather):

    Carbine rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns

    FIB (Goverment):

    Pistols, Carbines, Shotguns



    Dilettante (Patrol) - Gruppe 6
    Merryweather Mesa - Merryweather

    Street Gangs:

    Random Civilian Vehicle, prefer sedans and coupes

    Goverment Agencies:

    FIB Buffalos

    FIB Vans

    Civilian Mavericks

    That's the mod i want! Bye! :slight_smile:

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