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Vehicles.rpf files randomly corrupted - OpenIV

  • Hi,

    So I’ve been modding my cars in-game recently. I’ve used police car modifications, transport and ambulances etc. with no issue in the past.

    I’ve now installed several civilian car modifications to the game, testing each one to make sure it works. However, upon occasional CTDs and playing the game for a while, I’ve noticed I get an ERR_ZLIB error. I check my vehicles.rpf and some vehicle files cannot be open - they’ve become corrupted.

    This has happened on two different occasions, with the exact same vehicle modes used where different files have been corrupted. What’s happening here? Why are my car model files being indiscrinately corrupted?

    My vehicles.rpf is over 2GB but less that 3GB - it should still work technically and it has done for a few game sessions of over 1 hour each, however the files appear to be randomly corrupted.

    Any helpful feedback would be appreciated - this issue is quite difficult to backtrack and I’d appreciate anyone who had good knowledge of installing lots of car mods and OpenIV to help out!

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