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Replace weapons in "mods" folder

  • I do not know why but every time I install a replacement mod for weapons, I follow all the steps correctly, but in game, the weapon has not changed with the one I installed :/ Note that I'm using "mods" folder. Any ideas of what's the problem?

  • @Morgesan don't only follow the way to the directory provided by modeller. Put the file name to the OpenIV search and replace every file with that name. Most of items as it's not only weapons, have models in more directories.

    Weapons for example have sometime one file for weapons in shop, one file for weapons which you use etc. So simply replace every file with same name which OpenIV would find.

  • @Morgesan
    Put them in the highest patchday 'weapons.rpf' you can find (even if they don't exist there to start with) & they will be the ones loaded by the game :thumbsup:

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