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Brit Emergency Uniforms Pack [BEUP]

  • About
    EUP is a modification, originally created for an American audience, that allows you to customise your peds appearence and clothes. Specifically the emergency services. Brit EUP is our attempt at recreating this mod, for a British audience. Development on peds and on the plugin it's self has already begun.

    I wanted to create this page with the aim of reaching a wider range of British modders that might be interested in our development. If you want to find out more, join our Discord server here! https://discord.gg/ZQq4xK3

    Join us!
    Brit EUP is always looking for new and experienced developers to join our team. If you have any experience, please sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/ZNxSqPbVFV6rpsdv1




    Fire Brigade

    Highways England

    What do you think, so far?

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