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Much more destroyable environment

  • With the rise of Superhero mods (thanks to JulioNIB and other mod creators), causing chaos in Los Santos has been made to be even more entertaining. But again, these are superhero mods, right? As you know, in movies like Man of Steel, The Avengers (First live action one), Age of Ultron, and just sci-fi comic books/anime/manga in general, environment destruction was almost always imminent. Buildings crumble & fall, trees & nature are destroyed, blocks are leveled entirely leaving nothing but ash and ruins in the wake of the battle that's ensuing.

    My point is: Is it possible to emulate that feeling? To make GTAV's environment more destroyable? To make the superhero/villain life in GTA more close to what you see in media?

  • @ImmaJadenYuki Is possible edit enviroment props and building to make them destroyable, BUT, nobody will to spent that level of time editing thousands of buildings models splited in sub-components, thousands of props splited to destroyable subcomponents, thousands of vegetation models splited to destroyable subcomponents, thousands of map metadata lines to add destroyable flags and finally, this level of edition is a sure crash of the game handling that level of elements with physics and colliders. Apart, just few modders have enought knowledge and skills to do this, and afaik, not are more than 3 in the whole world.

    That's all the truth about nobody will to do this complete mod.


    Names, we want names!

  • @ReNNie If you're asking for those 3 guys, are people working as videogames developers, game engine knowledge, 3d modelling skills and confirmed map modding in GTA V, I remember Sollaholla, Rarefacer (their contributions have high value to GTAV modding, Sollaholla did inverse engineering to develope Grand Thef Space helped by Rarefacer in materials, hierarchy and export research, also, this last guy was the first creating well done props and maps and his videotutorial was the first step for all GTAV map and props modding community). The third guy is LeeC2202 but he is not more in GTA5Mods.

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