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Sirens and horn are not working on some vehicles.

  • Does anyone know why sirens and horn don't work on some vehicles? Such as fbi2, but on the others, it works fine. Also, the lights work flawlessly with ELS but there is no sound when I turn on the sirens or press the horn. Maybe because I have installed a new fbi2 vehicle, but nothing like this shouldn't happen. Any clues, I'll be thankful for any ideas.
    Thank you.

  • Just wondering have you installed any custom sirens from mods such as Modern Siren Pack and etc? What's the file size of your vehicles.awc? As far as I know, if it goes higher than 15mb the siren and horn will be muted, I have experienced this problem as well but I got it fixed, the size of my current vehicles.awc is 15.7mb and it works perfectly, Installing a new police car like what you mentioned (fbi2) won't really affect your game, Even if you change the audionamehash on the vehicles. meta it won't be muted as long as you have ELS installed, The only thing you can do is reduce the file size of the vehicles.awc, Lemme know if the sirens are still muted after changing the awc file (vehicles)

  • Oh yes, almost forgot. I installed 'Federal Signal Smart Siren' and noticed this problem later on, but I came back to the stock siren, now it's at 15.6mb. I just noticed the same problem on an add-on car. But all the others work perfectly fine.

  • I solved it, it was actually stupid. The ELS .xml file had all the sirens set to false. Everything works now I set them to true.
    Thanks anyways.

  • @andy55596 how did you do that?

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