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A mod that gives weapon attachments for peds/bodyguards?

  • Hi, I've tried a few trainers already and I can't seem to find a mod that does this. I'd like to give a spawned ped a weapon and then add attachments to their weapon like silencers and stuff like that, changing the gun colours would be fun too. I've used simple trainer, bodyguards trainer, bodyguard squads trainer, weapon attachments trainer, and simple trainer v but none seem to have what I'm looking for. The mods I've tried only give vanilla weapons and don't add attachments for peds. If anyone knows a mod that does this already, could you link me one? Thanks for any help.

  • @HornyOldMan Simple Trainer gives attachments for weapons bodyguards use.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Akila_Reigns Alright, I went into the game again and noticed the trainer that comes with Script Hook V is actually called Native Trainer. Sorry about that, I got their names all mixed up.

    I downloaded and installed Simple Trainer and it does exactly what I wanted. I had bad luck going through 5 mods and not finding it. You've been a great help and thank you very much!

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