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Game Crashes whenever I get near to Mount Chiliad/Grapeseed (Travel/Teleporting)

  • So hello before I do this I'm going to give you guys the best information about my problem, I'll use ikt's (moderator) "How to ask for help and support" so

    1. I'm currently using (AfterHours) (SocialClub)(Legit and not Cracked) (1.44. 1493)
    2. I really don't know what's causing the problem.
    3. Here is a link to a "thing" that I made on Pastebin (I've never used Pastebin sorry if I did something wrong) but here's the link ---> https://pastebin.com/dE0WyCTY
    4. I've tried - Deleting my mods folder and making a new one - I used the GTAV Setup Tool - I checked if all my drivers are updated GPU/windows10 - I tried using a different game config -

    The problem or crash happens when I get near grapeseed or mount chiliad, (Seaview Road)
    I tried not teleporting I tried riding an In-game helicopter (Cargobob) crashed, I've only installed NaturalVisionRemastered by Razed, VisualV by CP & robi29, enbseries (v350) by Boris Vorontsov
    Real Airport V by CAMMYx, No Bullet Traces, I've also installed some cars included on NaturalVisionRemastered none of them crashes, I'll add in more details if needed, :)

  • By any chance are you using any LA Vegetation mods ? if not then have u tried gta v on a clean version of gta v.Do u face the same error? Try in ur graphic setting by putting grass to normal

  • @Isaac-Duane when problem was still there after putting mods folder out of root GTA folder, then try the same with scripts folder and all mods files in GTA root file which you wrote that you are using.

    In the case that you are using only few mods, I think this would be fastest way which of them is the reason of this problem.

    If you would one by one put out all mods and problem would be still there, that mean only reainstall. Coy game have to autorepair every changed file in main archives.

  • @Yogeshk Well I've stopped installing those LA Mods because of hardware problems but my game seems to be fine now, I've reinstalled it a few weeks ago, but anyways sorry for the late reply I was busy at school as well trying to catch to 2nd grading lol, but anyways thanks for the reply to both of you.

  • @Isaac-Duane Ahh ... too bad they didn't work for ya.Good Luck 2nd grading lol :P .

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