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[SCRIPT] Quick enemy chase script

  • it would be a script that would replace cops with any chosen model, weapon and or vehicle.

    or it would be a sort of spawner menu, you choose a car, weapon and model and have them chase you or guard an area, or infinitely chase you like cops. An example would be battle simulator but its sort of restricted.

  • you can edit the dispatch file or use any from the mod section, or use Bodyguard Squad you can costumize your own peds, cars, weapons, and behavior set to hate you and they will chase you.

  • Banned

    @NaughtyBoy if you also had a modified peds.ymt you could turn a civilian ped into 3 pedtypes

    COP <Normal cops>
    SWAT<Same as above, but can only spawn in SWAT Vans
    ARMY<Acts same as a police officer, but the blip is replaced with a red dot instead of a blue/red flashing indicator.

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