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[Tutorial]Need help on emissive and transparency

  • Hi guy for a year im trying to get emissive on ped right ,
    I almost got everything els , anyway they look nice too me
    i can do metalic textures , or just rubberish
    but not emissive :( ( yeah but with a black mesh glitchish )

    i followed the exemple of other peds like , my emissive is on an accs_000 mesh not on head

    in zmod everything is ok , i see the emissive and i dont see the mesh,
    in game there is a black mesh trying to take the front place, i can see the emissive but i see the black flashing over my peds faces too
    i played a bit with the texture folder ,option dxt1dxt5 mipmaps all of that , cant figure it all

    plz help me that i could share my mods with all of you

    sorry if i posted 2 places , i didint where to look for help , its gonna drive me crazy.

  • my problem :(

    *it is my other account *


    @BioSoNiX_Modz @Necroxide
    Pick one and we'll disable the other.

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