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Need help with rageplugin hook backup OR another fix to my prob.

  • When I ran rageplugin hook the first time it asked if I wanted to backup game files I clicked yes.
    I somehow managed to screw up my dlclist.xml file. One of the mods I was trying to install said to replace it.
    without even thinking about it I did (beginner mistake), so now my game will randomly crash.
    I then thought to myself I backed it up, but I can't figure out how to get to the back up.
    I go to the settings in rage, find the revert game version tab under game settings,
    but all I see there is a delete option, or to make another backup.

    (fwy my gta5 is a cd hard copy so steam can't help me. To make it worst I'm currently moving, my game is berried in a storage unit)
    I need a fix that doesn't need any of those things.

    Please forgive me for such a nooby mistake, this is my first real attempt at modding, it was going great until I got carried away, and now here I am.

    Thanks for any help.

  • @Insidious Lol, first of all, relax and keep it calm. That's okay, all of us make the silly mistakes, but that's how we learn. :) All the pros were once the noobs, so chill.
    About your problem, as you said, you are on CD/DVD Hard copy, so did you try repairing/reinstalling the game from it?

  • @ashishcw Hey man, thanks for your fast replay, currently I'm unsure where my cd/dvd hard copy is. It's somewhere in my storage unit in one of the many boxes lol. (I'm in the middle of a move, unsure when ill get to the stuff in storage) I don't currently have the time to go there pull everything out and start opening boxes haha, so I was looking for a different way, if there is one. :P

  • @Insidious Alright, I think there is a way you could get a copy if you have registered and activated your copy with rockstar's social club.
    Check this

  • Ok so I did find a way to verify the game files which gave me the file I messed up. After which my game started crashing after the first splash screen, at that point I removed the mods and the rageplugin hook and unisinstalled the asi manager from open iv. After doing this the game launches and doesn't seem to crash. BUT, now every time I install the asi manager files OR if I install the ragepluggin hook it crashes when I launch the game (after first splash screen). It did work before I verified the game files so I'm currently not sure whats going on, any ideas would be great.

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