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Need help finding a mod

  • Hi all, could someone please tell me the name of the trading mod seen around 1:24:30? can't find it anywhere and it looks sick

  • Was this an additional mod you made for Simple Zombies @sollaholla ?

  • Interesting..... the video was uploaded on April 21, 2017 and the mod link posted on the video is Simple Zombies by @sollaholla which has latest updated version as December 15, 2016.The latest update was from @Reyser stating that the mod has started to be updated on July 26, 2018....@welp try google maybe there is a alternate version somewhere or perhaps it was an exclusive mod for the youtuber to promote or try out the updated version.If it was an exclusive one the youtuber should have declared it on the start of the video as the link provided is old...I did read about a zombie mod which starts as one person gets infected and then other npcs also start getting infected.You can also heal them.But I don't remember its name or did it had trading available.

  • You're actually somewhat right. Andre and I were talking on twitter at the time and also at the time I was working on an update to the mod, so I decided to let him try it to get the audience reaction. Unfortunately, shortly after that life things happened so I wasn't able to get back to any of my other mods and finish that version of SZ, I was only able to make mundane updates/small mods that took a short amount of time. Now that I'm getting a bit more free time I've decided to give it another shot. Although, making it has been pretty boring, and I haven't touched the script in a couple months (I've been working on developing a game instead).

    Anyways, there is no version of this mod that exists anywhere online. Only on that man in the video's hard drive.

  • @sollaholla That makes us so sad :( .I have zero idea/knowledge about scripting but hopefully there will be a awesome update.:fingers_crossed_tone1:

  • @welp Since the answer has been given by the mod creator I would recommend that the thread shall be closed.

  • I hadn't seen this until now, but damn, that sucks. Hopefully you continue your work at some point because that trading system looked excellent, SZ is the main reason I still play GTA V!

  • @welp I am also waiting on a update :( :( . @sollaholla, hasn't been online since 2 months...@Reyser any possible update from your side? .

    BTW there is a possibility to get the updated mod back from that youtube video back.Simply if @sollaholla could just re-download the file he sent to that youtuber and I am hoping he sent via something like mail or gdrive, etc, unless he gave it via a portable drive or deleted data from his portable drive mega,gdrive etc.
    Also if deleted entirely from sollaholla's side, the youtuber may have a copy in his account/mail/hard drive.But retrival depends upon the guys cooperation.

    Only if it is possible OR we can just wait with hope.

    Hope all are well.Peace :)

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