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Redux's rain to NVR

  • Hello guys.

    I want Redux's rain in NVR.
    Is this possible? Which files i need to replace? Please help me. Thank you.


    Take a look at the Insane rain mod to see which files control, to a certain extent, what the rain looks like. But inside the timecycles and weather.xml there's more info stored

  • @GambinoYT



    also has some rain parameters in it. Mostly to do with gravity (how fast the rain falls) & colour/brightness etc. They are very near the top of the file & look like this:

    #Values to use with rain collision map
    raincollision.specularoffset	1.00
    raincollision.waterspeed	1.00
    #Values for rain GPU particle effect
    rain.NumberParticles	4096
    rain.UseLitShader	1.00
    # rain.gravity	0.00	0.00	-0.98
    rain.gravity.x	0.00
    rain.gravity.y	0.00
    rain.gravity.z	-0.98
    rain.fadeInScale	2.00
    rain.diffuse	1.00
    rain.ambient	0.40
    rain.wrapScale	0.60
    rain.wrapBias	0.40
    # rain.defaultlight	1.00	1.00	1.00
    rain.defaultlight.red	1.00
    rain.defaultlight.green	1.00
    rain.defaultlight.blue	1.00
    rain.defaultlight.alpha	16.00

    Note: 'rain.NumberParticles' can be lowered to increase performance (slightly) with hardly any visual difference (I think '16384' is default/vanilla. I have '4096' & I can't see ANY difference (running 4K DSR).

  • You are guys are awesome, but it's chinese to me :D
    So I tried the insine rain mod and nothing happend, so I think I can't do this, but again thank you guys for helping! :)

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