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[PLAYER] Add-On Clothes .ymt template

  • I'm new to this modding stuff, but as far as i understand (correct me if I'm wrong) you'll need to make a change/ add a section in player_one.ymt file to make add-on clothes / textures... if abowe is right? would it possible to make (by a User that's more clever than me*) a player_one.ymt template that's expand the number of clothes or the number of textures. That would allow the player to put in his/hers own .ydd file?

    For example: franklin have uppr_0 - 31r.ydd files
    would it be possible to add uppr
    032 - 35_r.ydd that's just a plain (004.ytd) t-skirt, but that the player can replace with a custom ydd.

    "dilemma example" i would like to use 4NG4H's ripped skinny jeans aka: lowr_021_u.ydd
    but i don't want to replace the original lowr_021_u.ydd.

    (The text in .ymt is more or less Swahili to me)
    *Nike Air Jordan I by Polkien are add-ons :)

  • Use Red"'s YMT, it allows up to about 50 shirts, pants, shoes, hairstyles, ect

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