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Mod with the basics of roleplaying?

  • Hey!

    I’m new to the forum and just opened my first FiveM server this night. I hope this community can help me get started.

    I want to create a Roleplayerver like many others out there, but with my own tuch.
    I have looked around among many of the mods / scripts on the page but I wonder if there is some bigger mods that covers the basics of a roleplay-server. So you do not have to load 124 different scripts and sync them with each other.

    So I’m looking for something that can help me lay the foundation of my server. Simple jobs, spawns, create a character, phone, business, economy, fonts, fishing, etc. Then, of course, I will add and remove what I want. But need something to start with.

    This may sound very stupid for many of you experianced guys, but I’m quite new and I’m testing. The idea is to have the server building as a small hobby in the coming weeks, both to learn but also to hopefully get a good server.

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