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[SCRiPT] Pick Your Tunes


    Requesting a .NET script for matching modelname to desired default radiostation and, if possible, even song

    Editable via an ini (xml or CSV) the user can directly and/or via a GUI pair the model spawn name to the global.gxt2 Radiostation name.
    By using the global.gxt2 name users with replacement radiostations (and name/icon/etc) are served still.
    Even sweeter would it be when there is the option of pairing Self Radio to a specific song when spawned and being warped inside the car.

    modelname=db11 defaultradio=RADIO_02_POP (being Non-Stop-Pop FM)
    modelname=ford40 defaultradio=RADIO_06_COUNTRY (being Rebel Radio)
    modelname=ford34 defaultradio=RADIO_19_USER:Iron Maiden - Run to The Hills [1982].mp3

  • Working on it: https://github.com/justalemon/PickYourTunes
    Just wait for a day to finish everything :ok_hand:

  • And.. is done: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/pickyourtunes
    I'm going to add some images in the next hours

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