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help my game crash with modded handling.meta

  • I'm trying to make add-on version for SkylineGTRFreak's Chevrolet Suburban with pop-out Gatling Gun and everything works but when i spawn the vehicle it spawns next to player and when I try to enter it the game crash
    i dont know how to fix this but the problem is not from the handling.meta but there from the add-on folder . the vehicle is work when i delete the handling.meta from the add-on folder
    how fix that?


  • Banned

    Your grammar is impeccable!

  • @eshenk
    Im sorry for my bad eng and i fixit now is work fine


    Probably you a LAYOUT problem?
    glad you got it sorted

  • @ReNNie Yup the LAYOUT is the problem and i fixit tnx

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