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Game crashes after I pressed "ESC"

  • hi guys..sry to bothering you guys again...
    I m running with tons of add-on vehicles n a little amount of scripts n reshade with enb n also i mix nvr with redux.. game running perfect all the time but like after 30 or 40 mins of playing i m trying to close the game n when i press "ESC" button there's window pops up n says "Unrecoverable Fault, please restar your game"
    thank you so much!!

  • any one?? plzzz

  • @zyankenta
    I don't know how to fix this so I can only point you in the right direction :thumbsup:


    gta5-mods search

    Possible workaround (no promises): change '<DX_Version value' in 'settings.xml' to dx10 like this:

        <DX_Version value="0" />

    'settings.xml' is here:

    C:\Users\USERNAMEHERE\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\settings.xml

    You can change the setting to dx10 in game graphics settings also. Whatever is easiest for ya. :thumbsup:
    Note: dx10 has no support for DOF or AA (& maybe some other things, I'm not sure) in GTA5 so they will not be available ingame if you go this route.

    If none of that fixes it I recommend verifying your game/uninstalling & then reinstalling game & then install mods one at a time checking ingame after each install.

  • @a63nt-5m1th tks man! i tried yesterday by only installing NVR n the problem just gone, do you think its because tht i m runing a way too big game?? cuz my gta5 file is 147g so far.. i mixed NVR with REDUX n a lot texture things n tons of add-on cars.. n I dont think its my pc setup problem..since I m running with 1080ti with 8700 n 960evo...

  • @zyankenta
    My GTA V install is over 200GB, overclocked GTX 1080, overclocked hex core Xeon x5660 @4.3Ghz, EVO 850, 4K DSR High/Very High settings & runs silky smooth +60fps all the time (the game is highly optimised by me right enough).
    GTA V is like most of the big open world games. Bad/weird shit happens sometimes for no good god damn reason. That's modding.
    My guess would be Redux is your most likely culprit. People who have to resort to stealing shit (Redux creator) are never the most skilled.
    Glad you got it working :thumbsup: Just build on what you have now, one mod at a time & put the game through it's paces after each install to look for bugs etc :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th tks again man!!

  • @zyankenta
    No probs bud :thumbsup:

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