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Using ReShade 2.0.3, Reshade.fx file from .zip is failing on startup.

  • I'm trying to use ReShade 2.0 so I can apply a shader, but whenever I try to launch the game, the .fx file has issues finding the presets to use. I'm not sure why this would be considering the files are all from the same download. Has anyone else had an issue like this? Or, know how to fix it?

  • @TheStradox

    I have same issue. Gotta edit Reshade.fx in game directory, or use the mediator.exe or reshade_assistant.exe. I'm trying to add sweet.fx ceejay's shaders to the Reshade that comes with Visual V. But i'm probably just going to use ReShade 3.0 alpha and create an entire new profile that uses heathaze.h & mxao.h in visualv's preset

  • @turtlevan What would you suggest changing in the .fx file? The global settings perhaps? I'm not sure what presets are supposed to be used in the assistant, so I'm trying to avoid using it as much as possible.

  • #define preset at top = 1 to use,
    #include <path>filename at bottom for each effect file

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