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Some Notes Regarding My Real-Life Vehicular and Pedestrian Densities Mod

  • When I first uploaded this mod, it did a LOT for the game. It was a true game-changer in that it was the first and only mod to not only increase vehicular traffic, but also dramatically increase the quantities of peds walking on pavements, which was so noticeably lacking in the vanilla game.

    It is what kept me playing this game. Let's face it, it's hard to have much fun with only a ped here and there no matter where you are on the map. Since I first uploaded this mod, I have updated it 35 times to date. I am still finding new places every day to put more peds.

    Think about this for a moment. This PC-port we got, was originally developed for last generation consoles, which only had 256 Mb of RAM and 256 Mb of vRam. WOW! This goes to show you just how much more we can do with this game on current generation PC hardware. As insane as the ped count is with this mod, there is still a LOT more room for more, if ONLY we did not have to deal with restrictions such as the ped pool size. Imagine how much more we could have if the ped pool size was doubled from 256 to 512? I recruited the help of one of the best known and reputable modders out there to lift this limitation, but was unfortunately unable to crack this limit, and yet we still have an abundance of peds everywhere even at 256.

    Eventually updates for this mod will cease as I finally run out of places to put more peds. I am starting to turn my eyes back to enhancing vehicular traffic in the interim. Regarding traffic, I did my best to make traffic appropriate for the location, i.e., more dense in the urban areas, and much more sparse out in the countryside. So my new phase at this point, is to start analyzing traffic in various places on the map. Much more traffic could be achieved, but will require me to make custom paths, as R* neglected providing paths for quite a many areas, which shows up when playing in-game.

    So even when I think/thought I was done, I am not, LOL.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sorry for bumping this but can you reupload this mod again if I may ask :( I truly need it :/

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