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[WIP] Los santos goes to work.

  • I have worked on a mod for build a mission quit some time but now i have packed that up, i could move on to mission maker and with the new opportunities, i decided to work on this. LS Goes to work. The first release should include;

    1. repair man job
    2. Airport worker
    3. food delivery.

    Your support will be very helpful.

  • Sorry made a mistake with that... airport security number 2 is meant to be.

  • Also as a surprise i am also working on another mod but i can not release several things... All i can say is This; Los Santos goes to hell in a all new crime wave...

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Just an update. 2/3 Starter missions done. One more then 0.1 will be released. Expect 0.15 to roll out a couple of days after with a special surprise. Notice: there will be some bugs so please be patient for them to be fixed. I am about to leak some content in this list. If you get the answer right i will send you an early copy.
    Q: Is it true i have only released one mod?
    1 = true
    2 = false
    Tell me 1 or 2.
    Look at my mod page. that is all i can say.


  • First release out!


    @Whineyterror been looking forward to it! is it still awaiting approval?

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