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GTA V CARS in to One

  • Hay I Want to make a Single DLC list for all my GTA V Mods of the the Single Car Packs that I have but I have no Clue how to do it if I put them into my G Drive can someone combine them for me into a Single Add On that would be Great


    It's basically just adding the meta lines and content.xml from individual dlc packs into one single dlc pack. Meticulous and with errors and it'll work like a charm.

    Just start out with an existing dlc.rpf and try to add one vehicle to it. Without tuning at first. Then work from that.


  • @ReNNie I know that but everytime I try to do something like this it NEVER Works for me thats why I am asking if someone can do it for me I have the files I just need someone put them in to a single DLC file thats all

  • Follow the tutorial provided by Rennie, it's pretty simple :) You can follow tutorials on youtube too.

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