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Problem with new addon cars on FiveM server

  • Recently I'm not able to load new files to my server ...

    • everything is right with the method that I already used before
      • ( create a folder in this case a car folder )
      • ( start it on my server.cfg )

    When I do this the server load the folder with the resource but when I get in to the game I got this error

                                                                  ----- spaghetti-chicken-bravo ----
                                                                                        ( and I crash )

    Important info:

    • When I upload a replace vehicle ( that I don't need start in server.cfg ) everything works fine

    • When I delete the line ( exemple: start thisisatest ) on server.cfg everything works fine

    • I hope someone can help us.
      Thank you

    edit ReN : added FiveM to topic title

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