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What is the: shop_vehicle.meta file?

  • Hey guys I got a quick question...

    I've noticed that some mods have this file: shop_vehicle.meta.

    What is the purpose of this file?

    <cost value="100"/>

    ...Does it add the vehicle to one of the stores on the phone? How cool would it be to add custom vehicles to the existing stores?

  • @GTAV-Noob-Modder117 I ain't too sure but as far as I know it may have been a feature in GTA5 that was probably cut from the game for reasons unknown. There is a mod here that allows you to purchase automobiles and (vague memory) motorbikes from Premium Deluxe Motorsport.

    You can find it here.

    It could also belong to Los Santos Customs or any shop that allows you to customize your vehicle. However, the chance of that code being tied to vehicle customization is slim, as it looks more like it's tied to purchasing vehicles.

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