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Verified professional coder/modder required for awesome new mod project

  • Hi,
    We are a collective of designers, architects, and computer gaming geeks and we need a genius and honest coder to help us realise a dream of building this new and exciting mod.

    The basic idea is a new map editor only one that brings map editing into 2018 rather than being stuck in 2015 with the current editors.

    We have a small budget to pay the right person to ubild this for us and you will be interested to hear 'we' are OmegaKingMods and some of you will be very familar with us.

    We have some very revolutionary ideas we would love to see implented and we are passionate about map building so this really would put GTA map editing on a par with The Sims, only witht he awesome world of GTA behind it :P

    So if you are interested in being part of this exciting project please inbox me so we can discuss the idea in detail.


    CodeWalker sounds like something like that, though the details/requirements you give sound vague. In any case, you might want to join the discussion or even check out the source.

    Why not collaborate ;)

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