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Drop of fps when going inside the building

  • Hi.

    Recently I got the problem of drop of fps.

    When I go inside such as player's house and any other interior, I got only around 30 fps. Outside, 50 ~ 60 fps.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    I mainly use visual v.

  • @EDGeNA
    Try jumping into the graphics menu in-game & quickly switching vsync Off & then On again.
    I haven't experienced this myself but have heard of it before (namely on nvidia cards but try it anyway even if you have AMD card).
    If that doesn't work try messing about with vsync (ie set vsync on in nvidia control panel/AMD equivalent & switch off ingame vsync etc).
    Also try reinstall/get newest drivers etc. Use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to uninstall drivers (uninstall in safe mode) & then reinstall them.
    Hope it helps :thumbsup:

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