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Replacing Franklin with Freemode Male

  • I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble. My aim is to basically play the role of Franklin but with my online character, with him replacing him in cutscenes and being able to interact with anything Franklin can interact with, and of course being able to use his ability. Will all this work if I simply replace Franklin with the Freemode Male? And I'm assuming I can do this with any of the files available on 5mods but renaming the files to player_one, correct?

  • 224 views but no replies? Seriously?

  • @incarno Ok... I'm on the mission right now, like you got that idea, I've been tryin' something like that... The only way that I found as far as today, is replacing dlc pack per dlcpack, swapping between m_freemode_character_01 and Player_One and renaming every single file.. there's a lot of files and my experience is not that sparky... also excuse my english...

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