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prop_byard_sleeper location

  • Hello does anyone in here know the location of the prop called:

    Cause i have tried searching for the prop name in openiv but i can't find the location of the prop.

    Thank you - Jakob

  • buumppp

  • @BakobGaming



    '.ytd' texture files (prop_byard_sleeper01+hidr.ytd etc) are in the same location.

    Tip: You can use Ctrl+F3 (also 'Tools' tab > 'Search') in OpenIV to search for things by name. :thumbsup: If you have been using this to search & haven't found them then I'm not sure what is going on?!
    When the search box opens you can select the search area:

    • 'Search everywhere'
    • 'Search in game folder only'
    • 'Search in "mods" folder only'

    If you don't have a 'x64i.rpf' in your 'mods' folder & you are searching 'Search in "mods" folder only' that might account for it :thumbsup:

  • Thanks.
    Is zmodeler the only way to edit ydr files?

  • @BakobGaming
    Texture Toolkit can open them but probably not allow you to do much more than extract embedded textures from them.
    I've never edited them so I'm not sure. 3DS Max would be one possiblity.
    Google will be your friend on this one. Best of luck :thumbsup:

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