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totally new to this pc thing..

  • I'm totally new to this pc world always been on consoles? Got a few questions which I hope you guys don't mind answering...
    I understand how to install and download mods ie download, transfer files, copy and paste etc, How ever I've seen videos of people opening a new menu in the game once mod is running or to change things or pick things up etc to be fair quite a few different menus, I was wondering two things if I need to download this and what is it and how to use it?
    2 secondly can you get a controller for the pc like a xbox or ps3 controller or do you have to use the keys,
    Last thing I played on pc was paint and pinball oh and minesweeper LOL
    Hope to hear back for you and thanks!

  • @huddy94 The menus depend on what mod you are using. For example a trainer mod allows you to do a bunch of stuff like change into another character, spawn vehicles, get all weapons ect. The one I use is called simple trainer


    Also some script mods come with menus to and for those it should be written in the instructions of the mod how to toggle it.

    As for a controller I use my ps4 controller perfectly and i downloaded a software called ds4 to make it work. But xbox controllers work too.


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