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GTA 5 Redux with OpenIV.asi

  • Hello everyone,

    I recently installed GTA 5 Redux which works like a charm, but only with OpenIV.asi disabled.
    On the other hand: if GTA 5 Redux is not installed, OpenIV.asi and mods work great...
    I´m using OpenIV 2.8, I followed the installation steps carefully, I have the day one patch and this is how my folders looks like:

    alt text

    Has anyone got an idea what to do? Thanks!

  • @Khadafi So you modified rpfs and played GTA V without OpenIV.asi? That's a first.

  • No, as I mentioned, other mods are not working for me with redux, this is when I have to deactivate OpenIV.asi, redux then works fine.

  • So, the .asi is disabled & you have all of the real world textures working in redux?! Like coke & 7-11?

  • I couldn't check that yet, but all I know is that the shaders are working, since they are located in gta v main directory. How am I supposed to get it to work with asi? Every time I launch the game with asi being activated, it crashes to desktop while loading.

  • @Khadafi It has to be something else, not OpenIV.asi because Redux replaces billboards, roads, vegetation, and some other things inside ×64a.rpf, update.rpf, and common.rpf etc. Unless you only installed Reshade, you cannot load GTA V with modified rpfs without OpenIV.asi.

    And by the way, respect the work of CP , cryhd and some other people and remove Redux, because it uses stolen files from visualV, L.A. Roads and some other mods.

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