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popgroups and popcycle: how to change cop peds patrolling on the sidewalks

  • I installed cops on the beat to have popcycle changed so police officers actually patrol the city with vehicles and also walking on the sidewalks. I wondered if I could change the cop ped that walks with another ped. I searched for it in popgroups but could only find vehicles related data. In popcycle it only says PercCop (something like this) without specifying the type of ped.

    Any help?


    Also you'll notice their holster is empty...

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    @LtRob vehicles.meta? also if you want to have some other Law Enforcement ped patrol, you should put the ped model name in popgroups in <pedGroups>, you can copy this one and edit it.


    				<Variations type="NULL"/>

    Ok, now put anything you like.

    Civilian Peds: Can spawn in any scenario

    Army Peds: Can spawn in any scenario

    Cop peds: Can not spawn in scenario unless it is made for police. (example: Mission Row PD)

    Swat peds: Can spawn in any scenario

    Now i don't know if they will walk or not, you have to test it for yourself, you can also do this in the Vehicles Section.

    Now, if you planning to make a zone populated by Army or Security Guards, you need to put the whatever you named ur popgroup in peds section in popcycle.dat

    Also you can make the PercCoppeds to 0 if u use army to patrol.

    I hope this helped :blush:

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