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Anyone know which ped models are most common?

  • Working on a potentially big mod idea involving simple re-textures of the most commonly seen peds and billboards. Does anyone know which peds appear the most frequent? or are they all just randomly generated? A follow up question: where are the most common billboards found within open iv?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. I will research on my own but any help would be welcome and speed up the process of creating this mod idea.

  • @NotOfTheWorld the peds are separated to few groups depends on are for example hollywood are different peds as the beach, then in villages are different peds again. But I can't now tell you which are where coz I wrote it to the paper when I was changing them and I trash that paper :rolling_eyes:

    Billboards are easy, just download LA billboard pack and you have them all changed. At the point I' m workin gon GTA (V) REAL I have checked every mod on page and can say this is best one for billboards. Just after installing these you can change few other depend on your prefering, but you will don't have lot of billboards changed w/o this

  • @NotOfTheWorld

    The ones with 'tourist' in their name turn up frequently in most areas of the game.

    These Ones:


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