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Custom Replace to Addon car will not spawn at all

  • Hey guys, sorry if this was posted but I have used the search tool.

    Cutting to the chase, I tried converting this Toyota Aristo JZX160 (which replaces the felon) to an add-on for a server I play on. So far I have completed adding all the files with their correct directories and data but when I go in-game and try to spawn it, Menyoo just says 'Invalid Model'. I am spawning it using the term 'jzx160' as that is what the folder and the model files are called. I explored a bit and downloaded a 911gt3 replace to addon convert made by someone else and that works fine including the car's body kits. The correct mod directory in my dlclist.xml has been added along with extratitlecontentupdate.xml and a limitless gameconfig.

    If anyone could perhaps take a look at the mod and see whats wrong or if it works for you? I've triple checked everything including content.xml and cannot get it to spawn no matter what I change.

    LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y8f1j24935p30rx/Toyota%20JZX160%20Addon%20%28NOT%20WORKING%29.zip

    Thank you!

  • @silentexecute
    You have a parsing/syntax error in your 'content.xml' at line 78/79

    There should only be one of these:


    Delete one of the lines to fix :thumbsup:

    I can confirm the car spawns for me (using ENT) after applying this fix :thumbsup:

  • Solved! Thanks @a63nt-5m1th

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