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Strange graphical bug

  • Hi guys and girls!

    I have a strange issue where scratches and imperfections won't appear on the car while driving. However, They will appear on the car if I drive into a Los Santos Customs and view the car before repairing it.

    As soon as I leave a LSC it will revert back to being ' non scratched ' ( You can actually see it transform from one state to another when driving out ). I'll also point out that dents and actual damage still appears as normal.

    1. GTA version: v1493 ( AKA Latest )

    2. It appeared a few hours after installing Sell cars at simeons dealership by The Paradox, But not straight away.

    3. Other mods I have installed:
      Premium Deluxe Motorsports Car Shop Mod v4.2
      Spawn MP Vehicles in SP 1.2
      Fuel Script V Mod 0.8
      ATM Robberies & Bank Heists (CONTROLLER SUPPORT) 1.9.1
      Single Player Garage (SPG) [BETA] 0.6
      Extra Singleplayer Garages 1.4
      Customize Plate v1.2.3
      Plus all the usual supporting mods ( ScripthookV etc )

    All of these mods were installed before Sell cars.

    1. Not relevant? Happy to post but don't think it's a script issue.

    2. What I've tried:
      Removing the mod.
      Messing with my graphics settings.
      Verifying game integrity.
      Starting a fresh save.
      Using the ' unmodified ' decals.dat from the ' No scratches ' mod.

    I've tried searching, But nobody has ever seemingly had this issue. I'd rather not try a full reinstall if possible as my Internet is rather garbage and a 77gb download takes around 2 1/2 days. If you'd like me to video what I'm talking about, I'm happy to do that as well.

    Thanks in advance my dudes.

  • UPDATE: Checked FiveM SP ( Which is vanilla, except for Lambda menu ) and it has scratches appear fine, So it's just ' normal ' GTAV SP that's a problem.

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