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moding 4k?

  • Hello, I'm new to this but I've already learned how to mold my gta5, I want to achieve a graphic level like the one seen in the video below, and installed NaturalVision ✪ Remastered and VisualV, although it has achieved a much higher graphic quality, I would like to achieve realism at the level of this video, so you can tell me here what parameters I have to touch or what mods I should install to achieve it.
    From already thank you very much

    P.D: sorry for my bad ingras, is that I'm using the google translator.

  • @AnibalGregori Tough one!!!! :fencer:

    Start playing a great song first :headphones: , like now lol :man_dancing_tone4:

    First, Have a badass PC system setup like more than 4.0ghz processor, graphic card of nvidia 1070 or above and about 8 GB.Then have a 144hz 4K monitor.Top ranked SSD on system with all drivers installed.Once completed proceed with installation of the any of the graphic mods:
    Illegal Graphics Design
    RAGE Graphics Enhancer
    TB Graphics
    AND a whole lot more..................Like a really lot more.You can just type {graphic} in search box of the site and you can find a lot of them.The guy is using Naturalvision remastered in the video.It can also be combined with VisualV.Read mod creators instructions.

    (Warning Redux isn't on GTA5mods.com though.I think it used to be but now its not.Google it.Also most of those mods are compatible with each other so don't install them together.But there's a way to combine mods like redux and naturalvision.But I ain't gonna share that.Google that too.)

    Rest of the likely things :-
    It's all yours to choose from.Try these mods and see what you liked.If you like a mod then be sure to Like it and Share it.If possible donate to these mod creators because they work quite hard.
    (Use Mods folder and please follow instructions from the graphic mod creators.Don't use it online)

    Now finally to try those graphic mods at best you need to tweak your game settings in the game. So go in-game press escape,then to graphics tab and turn all the setting to Very high like texture,shader,water,grass,etc. MSAA to be like 8X and FXAA also to be on.Choose your PC resolution.If you have lags like i do tweak setting to high or normal....cant help it's the hardware.

    If all works out well you are doing good.Now you want like some of realism so try
    LA Billboards mod - search in site's search box
    LA Roads mod - search in site's search box
    Maybe Jrods Ymap if you want Chiliad mountain trees - search in site's search box as Chiliad mountain
    Cars - There are lot of modern cars on the site.Find your favorite one maybe like a ferrari or a lamborghini.Look for cars with HQ interior and exterior.
    Any handling mod to have realistic speed.(not necessary just a suggestion)

    Plus there's like wiper mod,jetpack,parachute,Nitro,add on rims and so much to choose from.You can find them all here.Just search for it through the search option on the site.

    Now you have a rocking PC with a rocking rockstar game and a cool graphic overhaul and a awesome car so just drive around and go crazy :medal: :trophy: :first_place:

  • Computer model Compatible machine DESKTOP
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU X 990 @ 3.47GHz
    Memory Capacity 7.9GB
    Video card AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series
    Hard disk 1, KINGSTON SV300S37A120G SCSI Disk Device (120GB)
    2, WDC WD20 03FZEX-00SRLA0 SCSI Disk Device (2.0TB)
    Motherboard rampage iii black edition (rev 1.xx)
    Adapter 1, Qualcomm Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter
    2, Intel(R) 82567V-2 Gigabit Network Connection
    Audio 1, AMD High Definition Audio Device
    2, Dispositivo de High Definition Audio
    3, Audio USB 2.0
    Monitor TV-monitor Resolution:1360x768
    Current OS Windows 10 64 bit

    mi machine :blush:

  • another question
    Is there a "megapack" with the original GTV cars to replace them with real models? not to do it one by one, then I add the ones I like (Ferrari Lamborghini, etc)

  • @AnibalGregori give me 1-2 more months and GTA (V) REAL would be released :pray: there I'm replacing let's say 90% of the game with real life models and models with better textures...still missing enough vehicles to replace and all clothes, but all hardest vehicles as emergency are done and 80% of cars which have existing real life brand model are done. Now I'm replacing models which don't have real life brand models with similar looking ones and last step would be checking setup of spawning places depend on vanilla and colors depend on real life colors :ok_hand:

  • you are a genius man
    How do I get a notification from that friend?:pray_tone1:

  • @AnibalGregori
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gta_v_real/
    Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/GQ627gE

    Plus when I finish all cars and start with clothes I would make topics here and on some gaming forums. I would need ask for help with testing coz my PC is trash and can't run it on max graphic yet.

    99% of mods is from this site and autors of many of them don't want see reuploaded their mods on other sites, what mean it would be exlusively updated only here with credits for all mods creators in both descriptid game files (it would take me whole week too to make credits from all used downlaoded mods :rolling_eyes: )

  • something for you to add: the real sound of weapons ;)

  • @AnibalGregori already done (: + real models and names for every weapon which had real one model of vanilla replicas, just have to add some interesting models on that ones which are still vanilla and rename them...+ already done real behavior of weapon as the rebound while you shooting (you need a little of skill now on 5* police, as the real life haha)

  • @ArmaniAdnr O_O just like GTA San's real pack ??? that would be awesomeness :clap_tone2: :man_dancing_tone4: :surfer: :first_place: xD Realease soon !!!! :p


    @ArmaniAdnr said in moding 4k?:

    99% of mods is from this site and autors of many of them don't want see reuploaded their mods on other sites
    what mean it would be exlusively updated only here with credits for all mods creators

    if this is what you need that 100GB upload space for
    than just stop right there, we'll never allow a mod like that shared
    never ever I might add

  • @ReNNie why not ? lot of people are looking for realistic gta mods and lot of people are looking for full moded GTA and it's for free so why not? :thinking:

  • @ArmaniAdnr I think if you have any other mod creators file in your mods them you will need consent of each and every one of them to be posted on this site.

  • @ArmaniAdnr Redux "by" Josh Romito is the biggest example about what not to do with mods from others to make and release own packages. Not just credits are important, the permission of the authors of mods is the main point, simple respect.

    alt text


    alt text

  • @Yogeshk @MetaGTA @ReNNie I know I need permissions and that's why I want upload it only here after following steps:

    making credits of all used mods and include it in GTA root folder files
    create topic about permission and mention there all creators with all these credits - means write what of their mods I would like to reupload in that pack
    replace all mods which creators don't allow reuploading

    I think after all these steps there is no breaking rules or am I wrong? :thinking:


    that would be the way to go, yes
    I hope you pull it off

  • @ReNNie I hope too that creators would like it and would allow me uploading that pack :pray:

  • @ArmaniAdnr That is cool if you already have their consent xD upload soon :golfer:

  • @Yogeshk in a week I'm starting private alpha testing with my friends, full pack would be done about end of October :ok_hand:

  • @ArmaniAdnr I am waiting for it xD :metal_tone1: I hope there will be no error in alpha :) and we will have a GTA 5 Real Pack :) good luck :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Anyone got a link for this or is this mod dead?

  • Developer hasn't been online since 3 months so maybe he is having time off :P


    OP wasn't a developer but thought he could create and upload a giant modpack with mods from other authors

  • @ReNNie imo would love to download this as it looks quite promising

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