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Very low FPS

  • Hello, I have a GTX 970 and an i5 4590 with most if not all of the graphics settings at high. I get about 30 FPS if lucky, dips below 20s often. Game is installed on an SSD. I have about 28 addon cars and car handling mod and Menyoo. I have NaturalVision Remastered and VisualV (the mod devs said this will have very little performance loss) I am not using the ReShade, I am using only the ENB with other optional add ons such as the more rain puddles and alternative lens etc. I have the 2x traffic and 2x peds gameconfig.xml installed (anything lower crashes my game). My GPU driver is up to date. I used to have about 60 FPS when I first installed the game.

    I've tried reinstalling NaturalVision but it didn't help much if at all. After I uninstalled it (I'm not sure if I did it correctly because even after using the uninstall OIVs and following the readme, there were still ENB files in the directory), I had about 30-40 FPS but honestly I expect more out of a well-maintained GTX 970 on high vanilla graphics, considering I had about 60 FPS when I first launched the game

    Here are my logs and other files if they're needed (my last playthrough was about an hour)
    ScripthookV.log: https://pastebin.com/dBpLKjwj
    settings.xml: https://pastebin.com/jPJ5FbCL

    I can do a benchmark if needed. Any help would be appreciated.


    Sounds like a driver issue. Have you done the usual stuff?

    • Try a reboot
    • Try changing resolution/refresh rate/fullscreen mode in-game
    • Check your driver settings
    • Try disabling any overlays by Steam, Discord, whatever other performance overlays you use

    I used to have this with DiRT Rally sometimes and it just disappeared on its own.

  • @ikt I've rebooted like at least 5 times and it hasn't helped. I even restarted my PC. I'll try to change the resolution stuff, but I have it set to my monitor specs (1920x1080, 60Hz) at borderless windowed. I'm not really sure what specific driver settings you want me to look at but it's the default settings that the software came with (I haven't touched NVIDIA control panel since I installed it). The only overlay I had was Steam and GeForce Experience, I've disabled them but it hasn't helped either.


    GTX970 /w i5-6800K here

    NVR + ENB v0.275 + Reshade v1. 1.1 for sharpening and MSAA , all ingame graphic settings at the highest setting

    No additional gameconfig.xml changes to ambient ped or vehicles intensities
    However via settings.xml ped and vehicles increased to 1.4

    At night during rain it dips below 25 fps (!)
    During clear and sunny weather between 30 and 40 fps

  • @ReNNie well according to NVR devs, ReShade does give a little bit of a performance loss and they also say it's not really necessary to use it, which is why I decided not to install with Reshade. If I put my graphic settings to highest (ultra) I will be at like 10-15 FPS so I also cannot do that, so I leave it at high.

    It might be because of my trainer, or my car addons, I'm not really sure. I usually get around 40 FPS until I activate my Menyoo trainer and spawn a couple of my car addons and drive around in them, which is when the FPS drops below 30s and 20s

  • @KrutikFTW
    Uninstall your drivers in safe mode using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) & then reinstall the newest ones normally.
    That will give you a solid foundation for further testing (if required) :thumbsup:

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