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Story mode crash problem

  • So I logged on today and steam asked me to redownload GTA 5 or something, I did and now it crashed when I tried to join, I removed my scripts and mods, it stopped, I redid my scripts and mods, it crashed, I removed my scripts only, it crashed, I left my scripts alone and deleted mods, it stopped, I redid mods, I crashed....like WHAT IS GOING ON?

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    @LyrikalZZ said in Story mode crash problem:


    remove any scripts

    disable mod folder

    uninstall gta v

    Install Gta v

    Install scripthookv and its NET variants

    Optional! Enable Mods Folder trough OpenIV (Or leave it disabled)

  • @LyrikalZZ if you haver a lot of mods and don't want do what @GTAModder10 (which is easiest way to solve the problem), then just try delete (or just put out from the GTA root folder) archive after archive. for example x64a, if crashing put back and try x64b etc.. It may not help to find the reason coz problem may be in more archives at once, but if problem is only in one archive, you would find it and then try to solve it.

  • @GTAModder10 ill try

  • @LyrikalZZ Have to tried verifying your games download files?

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