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how to make Window of all cars tint colour like Rental Bus

  • As the title.... today i just spawn Rental Bus and notice its had an Well tint Window colour (Its not so dark).

    • I want change all Normal cars window with that colour. How can i change of all cars window like Rental bus.... help me!!
      Link Video i record for more info
    • I had change the "DiffuseTint" on Vehicles.meta but its doesnt help, .the RentalBus DiffuseTint had the "0xAA0A0A0A" but no work... how could it be??

  • float radius = 999.0f;
    var veh = World.GetClosestVehicle(Game.Player.Character.Position + Game.Player.Character.Position.Around(999.0f), radius);
    veh.WindowTint = VehicleWindowTint.PureBlack;

    No i have yet to test this but i had no syntax errors and yes i know it may not work but i am just trying to help.

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