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New to GTA V PC Community NEED HELP!! (If this has been posted already please let me know)

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm new to the PC online GTA V community. I was wondering what is the best PC mod menu and where to find the download instructions? Both free and paid menus fyi. The wife and I play alot and was wondering if installing mods on my PC would benefit or help us at all or if we should grind away at missions and etc.

    Please no BS replies

    Just like in GTA V racing, I want a good clean race(suggestion) where my wife and I come out ahead with mods(meaning no bugs/or pc crashing files or anything) I know you can be banned but I'm willing to risk it.

    Running an HP Omen 1Tb gaming PC for both the wife and I.

    Thanks in advance everyone!

    (Again total newb here and know NOTHING about modding gtav via files or script)


    @aarontaylor002 Sorry, online modding discussions are not allowed here. Please read our community guidelines before posting.

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