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Gameconfig.XML No Longer Needs to be Replaced?

  • Wondering if anyone else is having this issue...
    Most tutorials tell you to download the modded gameconfig.xml so you can add a lot of cars. I have tried many different gameconfig.xml files from this site. The game eventually crashes every time. So, I tried playing with my original gameconfig.xml file and now everything works great! I have 5 added-on cars so far and no crashing. Does the modded gameconfig.xml file work for anyone else right now? Maybe they changed something in the last update so you don't have to replace the gameconfig.xml file? I know many people are having issues with modding right now. I don't even try using Vanillaworks anymore, crashes every time.

  • @tcarter21 I think only what they can change about this in vanilla files is to make vanilla file same as modded one which means both will work great. I'm using latest gameconfig from this web and it works perfect for me.

    But I don't see any way how they can make modded gameconfig not working and crashing game so the problem would be somewhere in your files. Maybe some mod or script together with that gameconfig is making your crashes :thinking:


    @ArmaniAdnr said in Gameconfig.XML No Longer Needs to be Replaced?:

    But I don't see any way how they can make modded gameconfig not working and crashing game

    Increase poolsizes values for TxdStore and other similar entries to high values and find out

  • @ArmaniAdnr Guess It could be my files. I have a good, clean backup that I use to re-install with. I tried installing the modded gameconfig.xml file before any other mods and the game crashes. I now have VisualV, ENBSeries, TrueVision, six modded cars with NO gameconfig.xml file installed and the game works. I just bought the game on June 21st, 2018 and recently started modding a month ago. Not sure why it's backwards with me.

  • @tcarter21 lol, and did you try more gameconfigs? I'm using after hours one and as I told it work for me good, so it's magic for me how it can on one pc work and on another no (R* are wizards lmfao) :disappointed_relieved:

  • @ArmaniAdnr I've tried many. Can't say I've tried em all though.

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