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Textures from Addon car tuning part not working on other car

  • Hey guys, new to modelling and textures.

    So long story short, I extracted a wing tuning part from this Toyota Chaser and wanted to add it to this car here (I succesfully converted the Subaru to an addon along with its tuning parts). So far, I've also successfully attached the wing to the Subaru, BUT the textures for the wing don't show in game. Instead it is a shiny white instead of the regular steel and carbon black colour. I've tried copying the Toyota's jzx100.ytd file to the Subaru's model folder and edited the vehicles.meta, but no difference has been made. I even copied all the files from jzx100.ytd to 2016wrx.ytd and still no difference was made. Screenshots are provided. Can anyone let me know how to fix this?

    How the wing currently looks:
    How the wing currently looks

    What it should look like:
    How the wing currently looks

    Vehicle model directory
    Vehicle model folder

    Vehicle tuning parts directory, the wing is called 2016wrx_wingbumper_3.yft (2016wrx_wingnobump.yft is the same exact wing but it removes the bumper when selected)
    Vehicle parts folder

    Vehicle meta file
    Vehicle meta file


    you were already in luck the dummy position on that spoiler matches the boot of the subaru
    you could have just as well ended up with a floating one

    I gave up on messing with non fitting tuning parts long ago so no answer on the texture issue

  • Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue but for a different type of mod, and what I think I've found out so far is this - tuning parts are all .yft files, which normally use embedded textures, but tuning parts and some props don't have any embedded textures; instead, inherit them from the original vehicle they're made for and thus must have code in them that points to the original vehicle and can only be changed in ZModeler3 or 3ds max.

    I may be wrong of course, as I don't have ZModeler3 and can't check, but I think that's what's happening...

    If you figured it out though, please let me know what you did!

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