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I modded a car but it appears as a default gta vehicle

  • I installed a honda replace for a karin futo, and i am 100% sure that i did everything good. But, when i spawn it, it just appears as a normal gta v futo. Other cars work fine, but only this car won't replace. How can i fix this?

  • @BrixyJebach open OpenIV, open Search, put there files which you was replacing, replace all the files...the files is inside game in more folder most of time...and the mod was done at any time, till now the car would be located (added copy, not relocated) in another folders too and you need replace them all, or at least last patchday.

  • @BrixyJebach
    patchday3ng I think. Yep, here:



    Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV to search for things by name. Try searching for 'futo.yft' & it will show you all of the 'futo.yft' locations in your game/mods folder. You then replace whichever one you find in the highest patchday. :thumbsup:

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