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Tracer rounds on all weapons.

  • Sup,

    Anyway I can get tracer rounds on all my shootable weapons? There is one mod by Jedi Josh I think but the rounds come out red. I just want the normal white tracer rounds.

    Anyone know of a mod or a way?

    Ta muchly,


  • Find your weapons.meta somewhere in your update.rpf, compare it to this one: https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/no_tracers

    Use something like Diffchecker to find what's different. One of the differences will be a flag (I assume) which enables/disables the tracer for a specific weapon. Find it and apply it to all the other weapons. There are also weapon.meta files in the DLCs so don't forget those too. Good luck :thumbsup:

  • @stillhere wow thank you homie!!

  • @stillhere bro.. I just did it.. I actually fucking did it!!! I changed all the TracerFx (for the weapons I wanted) to <TracerFx>Bullet_Tracer</TracerFx> and now they all have tracers!! I found out the above code by reading the read me of the file you sent a link to. And it worked!

    Thanks a million man!


  • Nice man, enjoy :ok_hand:

  • @stillhere thanks man. Shooting with no reticle and tracers on the firearms makes the game even more friggin awesome 😎

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