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How to edit materials.dat file?

  • I wanna make the bullet can shoot through some materials. But there are 4 flags in materials , they all called SHOOT_THRU, I want to know what these 4 flags means, anyone can teach me plz?


    Why not use the materials.dat from Rippler's Realism?

  • @ReNNie I am editing it based that mod, I want bullet can through car metal, just like real world, but the 4 flags confused me

  • @zkx741481546

    It works like this:


    • SEE_THRU = Is material see through (glass for example)
    • SHOOT_THRU = Are you able to shoot through material.
    • SHOOT_THRU_FX = Should effects (dust/smoke etc) be shown when bullet goes through material
    • NO_DECAL = Do not show a decal (bullet hole etc) on the material when bullet goes through etc

    1 = Yes 0 = No

    For most materials you want bullets to penetrate your data entry will be:

    0 1 1 0

    Meaning the material is not see through but can be shot through & will display effects & decal on bullet penetration.

    Note: I seem to remember this approach causing me trouble getting explosive machinegun fire (like the Savage/Hunter's main gun etc) to explode on contact so I would test that out right after you make the changes to 'CAR_METAL' etc to make sure it is still working correctly. Jump in the Savage/Hunter etc & try shooting down another helicopter (or a vehicle with nothing behind it) to make sure the main gun's bullets explode on contact etc

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