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AddonPeds, compiling a new PedSelector.dll

  • I'm just starting to mod my brand new GTA V (build 1493) and have been disappointed to find the AddonPeds mod refuses to work. I've gone over my install many times, but the in-game hotkey to launch it does nothing. I see there are other mod users here suffering the same problem and maybe the DLL is out of date for the new game build?

    Meth0d, the author, has released the source code for his PedSelector.DLL here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/pedselector-dll-from-addonpeds-source-code#description_tab because he no longer has time to mod, and recognises the DLL may fall out of date and the mod may fail in game. So he provides permission for the work to be done.

    I can't compile a shopping list, let alone a DLL. Is there someone in the community who could step up to the plate, compile, test and release an updated DLL for the mod? I think it would be of value to many users in the mod community.

    In hope and thank you. I'm going to ask the same question in Reddit, too.


    hear hear

  • @bluegunk Damn it, I just now saw this post. I hope it is not too late.... 1st off, glad to see someone working on this.

    Anyway here's my request or question... There's a mod by a modder named itk. Its an add-on vehicle spawner and it works great. You can spawn any add-on vehicles regardless of what folder is used in the mod folder. For me and others this is a godsend so we don't have to type the names to spawn the various cars we have throughout dozens of folders. I would absolutely LOVE to see this built into an addon ped spawner. If there is some way you can do this, maybe with the help of itk? then you have a heck of mod that'd be extremely helpful. I have mods that include new peds but I never spawn them because I can't remember their names or just forget I have them installed... This mod would solve that.

    I've mentioned this to itk and he liked the idea but wasn't solid on making it, he updates the vehicle spawner but I don't know if he is still modding heavily. However maybe he can help you solve the problem...


  • @vendetta1969 You mean ikt :)

  • @vendetta1969 dyslexia is a bitch, lol

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